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Hinterland Money - Car Finance Solutions

Car Finance

Business or pleasure? From a Dealer or Private Sale? Call Hinterland Money Solutions and let us help you out with the pro's and con's of each.

Hinterland Money - Car Finance Solutions

Hinterland Money - Insurance Finance Solutions


Hinterland Money Solutions has all types of insurance products available to protect your asset's. From insuring that prized motorcycle to the biggest of boats we can arrange it all.

Business Finance

Come across an opportunity that's too good to let go but don't have the funds at present? Then give HMS a call and talk to our consultants about your requirements. Having had a business ourselves we will understand your business matters such as turnover, expenses and objectives as a business owner, to help you get the right solution.

Business Finance

Equipment Finance to get up and going, Money to purchase the business and leasing for vehicles, HMS can assist you with all of it.